Rakem appliances repair is a trustworthy name in the field of electronic repairs and maintenance. Our clientele goes back to a decade and never has it ever happened that we weren’t able to come up to the expectations of our customers. For any company to ensure their success, it is important that they first gather all possible knowledge regarding their work and become full experts in varieties of tasks relating that area of focus. For Rakem appliances repairs, that focus is on knowing all about home appliance services that it offers in Manchester to fix and/or repair, and we can say that with much confidence that we have surpassed all our competitors. When fixing one appliance, it not only involves one particular thing, the work may have series of steps. For instance repairing a water pump in washing machine may require more than just one straight step. Our technician will first have to remove the inside lid, then open the pump, unscrew the belt and then start with the work. If any one step is done without focus, chances are that instead of fixing another part of it gets broken, but with Rakem’s workforce you don’t have to worry about any such issue. Our trained technicians have ample experience in repairing services and their trainings are renewed every few months as new improved methods arrive.


  1. Our main objective is obviously to make sure that our customers are satisfied and have no complaints whatsoever.
  2. Diagnose the problem occurring in the appliance and provide the most appropriate solution for it.
  3. Fix and/or repair with a full guarantee that the same problem doesn’t arise later for a long time.
  4. Ensure safety and well being of both clients and workers, while the task is being performed.
  5. To make sure that work is done in least amount of money and time, both.
  6. Establish our company as the top appliance repairing firm in UK.

Our team

Electrical appliances are very sensitive and therefore it is very important that only professionals are hired to deal with their complex parts. Rakem appliance repair fully understands this which is why we have put great effort in choosing the best employee force. While recruiting our workforce we scrutinize the mental state of employees. The employees, obviously, are learned and have all obtained a minimum of graduation degree, preferably in electrical engineering. Their personality traits are also very important and therefore all our employees are customer friendly and have a good character. Once hired, we gave all our employees necessary training that was needed and with time their expertise improved. Now our workforce has the best combination of skills and knowledge due to which before undertaking any task, we give full guarantee of its success. They are well behaved and a good morale, so having them working at your place will not be an issue. All our electricians are highly focused and are
well known for their faultless services.

Moral correctness

One thing which is very common these days is repairing companies taking your appliance at their workshop and then replacing the original parts of them with fake ones. Either they do that or they just temporarily fix the appliance so that it starts working at that moment, but afterwards in a month or so the same problem arises. Rakem appliance repair is very much concerned that their work is appreciated by clients and has no flaws in it. We realize how important it is to have satisfied clients because only then our name will get famous and we will be referred to other people. We are known for our nobility towards our customers and strongly work for longer relationships with them.

Our strengths

  1. High quality work
  2. Knowledgeable workers that are skilled, experienced and customer oriented.
  3. Best services in lowest of prices
  4. Maintaining high quality of work.